While I was away

In Connecting to Communicate, social media, uhm, Uncategorized on May 7, 2010 at 9:30 am

Forgive me, social media world, for I have sinned. It’s been weeks since my last blog post.

I won’t bore you with the whys and wherefores. But I will, uhm, enlighten you with some lessons learned.

  • Those darned cobbler’s kids. I had never heard the story about the cobbler (for you young’uns, that’s a shoemaker) whose children went shoeless because he was so busy making shoes for others until I worked in an agency — where we routinely struggled to maintain our own marketing/communications/website/etc. because we were so busy working for our clients.  It’s easy to let it happen, as I’ve learned in the past few weeks. The lesson? It takes perseverance, energy and focus to maintain your own social media efforts when you’re busy advocating for your clients.
  • A life of its own. Interesting thing: Even though I’ve not posted anything new for a couple of weeks, the graph showing hits on my blog still fluctuated daily. Granted, traffic was slower than usual, but it still jumped up and down from day to day, even without new info. The lesson? The conversation will take place, with or without you. It’s certainly better to be a part of it.
  • You’ve got to feed the beast. One reason I wasn’t blogging? I wasn’t reading as much national and marketplace news. And so I had nothing fresh or timely to talk about. The lesson? Social media demands freshness. Stay in touch or you won’t have anything to say.
  • Somebody might notice. A couple of people commented on my silence, wondering what was up. The lesson? You might not realize it, but some people are actually paying attention.
  • A lot of people won’t notice … or care. Beyond the few people who mentioned my absence, there are quite a few others who have read my posts in the past but, apparently, didn’t notice my absence. They never wrote, never called, nuthin’.  The lesson? It’s a short-attention-span world. Keep up or you’ll be forgotten.
  • The world didn’t end. Nobody died because I missed a few blog posts. No wars broke out. Nobody’s business went belly-up (granted, the Dow did a 1,000-point drop-and-bounce, but I’m pretty sure that wasn’t my fault). More important: Our business didn’t go belly up, our clients got what they needed, and the sun came up every morning. The lesson? Social media matters, but it’s not critical to anybody’s existence.

My intent, of course, is that this will be the beginning of re-engagement … that I’ll pick up where I left off and have something worthwhile to say every few days. And that you’ll forgive me for my absence.


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